A new job does not start on the first day of work; neither at the interview before. It starts the moment you send your resume!

Employers are sick and tired of getting annoying clichéd, amateur, one-size-fits-all resumes.
Your future employer's task is to find the perfect man for the job. Make his life easy: use a professional document, show him that you are the one he is looking for.

Resume writing is our only way of living; not a hobby, not a side-job.

Over 13 years of experience producing Resumes, Cover Letters and Selection Criteria. Our staff is certified by two industry associations (CDI and AORCP).
Impressive Resumes is a truly 100% professional service.
When you use our business, you’re using a WOMOW (Word of Mouth on the Web) 2010 Best Business Award – an honor that distinguished Impressive Resumes has an Employment Provider of excellence.

Take the fat off your resume. Only the muscle matters.

We are at your disposal to provide you a professional service: to tell your story in the most objective possible way. We will make the job-earning content speak for itself and ruthlessly cut off the achievements that were so dear to your heart but are completely irrelevant to any employer.
In the end, you will get the job.

Myth: resumes should follow standard layouts. Busted!

Just like the outfit you choose to wear to a job interview can say a lot about yourself, so does the way your resume presents itself. Empower your job application with an Attractive, Scannable, Objective, Uncluttered, Professional, Impressive, Unique image.

Don’t feel guilty about hiring a resume writer. Actually, it’s one of the wisest career moves you will ever make.

Writing excellent marketing contents takes an enormous amount of mental energy, as well as profound know-how.
More than helping you uncover past accomplishments, successes, skills and talents, our collaborative process of resume’s building will make you realize how powerful words become in the fingers of those who know how to use them.




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